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Since leaving London and setting up as a freelancer here in Vienna, I’ll admit that I’ve found myself with much more time on my hands than I’ve been used to. But having this extra time means I can browse the internet at a much more leisurely pace, resulting in the discovery of some fantastic free online resources. This ‘Daily German’ website’s online course has given a great kickstart to my German learning. And just last week I also signed up to this free data journalism course from the European Journalism Centre, starting in January.

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A keyboard and an internet connection is all you need for an online course!

On a more health related note, health sector professionals in low income countries or working with limited resources might find this online course useful:

Called eSCART, it’s a 4 month distance learning course that aims to provide people with the knowledge they need to treat HIV patients with antiretroviral therapy (ART) in resource limited settings. It’s tutor-led, and also provides access to a discussion forum where those who signed up can discuss their learning with other ‘classmates’. It has 13 modules including an introduction to HIV, HIV and TB, side effects and monitoring and evaluation of an ART programme. Not bad for a free course that just needs an internet connection and a computer with speakers (and a brain connected to it might help too!).

For other free online global health courses check out this handy resource called Global Health elearning. From family planning and childhood development to health logistics and infectious diseases, this is a gold mine for professors or students looking for global health education resources, or just health professionals wanting to bolster their knowledge or train other staff.


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