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No Sex Please We Are As Embarrassed As You Are

Funny insight from 17-year-old girl into the realities of school sex education. Worth a read!


Sex Ed

If I could sum up my sexual education provided by my school in Devon in 5 thoughts they would probably be-

Why is Mr Hake looking like he would rather be in hell right now?

Why do the model penises look more like a murder weapon than genitalia?

Is this really what sex is?

Do teachers have sex?

Is it odd that half the girls in my class seem to know exactly how to put a condom on without instructions from the teachers?

I think at this point in my life the closest I got to the world of sex was seeing my rabbit try to hump my pillow. So, as you can imagine, my perception definitely expanded on that wet Thursday of awkward lessons.

At the time, I thought it was great because it meant we could play with condoms and not really listen but actually, now that I…

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